We at Tucker's Raw Frozen believe in providing only the finest and freshest food, supplements and treats for your dog. What we cannot see we will not sell. This is why all of our raw materials are human grade and only sourced from USDA facilities in the USA/Canada.

We Listen. All of our products are the result of constant feedback from our customers AND their favorite retail stores. From the freezer stability of our bones to the convenience trays in our food bags to the meat quality in our Complete & Balanced diets, we know that the only voice that counts is yours..and your dogs!

WE LOVE DOGS and that is why it is our mission to produce only those products that contribute to your dog's wellness and happiness.

Your dog's digestive system is designed for natural, wholesome foods with all the nutrients still in - not processed out.

  • Complete & Balanced Diets
  • Raw Meaty Supplements
  • Premium Raw Frozen Bones
  • USA Chicken Breast Treats